Coming Off The Bye Week … Refreshed

Yes, the preacher’s bye week came at the right time. I was able to regroup. It’s game-on once again.

My beloved Buccaneers face the Native Americans this week. Let’s see how they manage to lose this time! Anyone care to venture a guess? I’ll give it a shot: Forth quarter lead, a bone headed pass, a penalty call, a time-out intended to ice the opponent’s kicker–on a kick he actually missed, and then with the reboot he hits it, and another long walk off the field. Oh wait–that was last week.

Did you say 40 points behind by halftime? (That was two weeks ago!)

Carson Palmer’s great year wasn’t in the cards. Or Cards, for that matter. The Cardinal signal caller has been shelved with a torn ACL. Ouch. There’s more to the story. For one, Palmer was wired for sound by NFL films when he was injured. Do you want to hear a man scream in pain and realize his season has ended? Coming to a YouTube player near you, soon. And that’s not all. This season ending injury came ten days after he signed a contract extension. Deja vu? Check the history on his 2006 ACL injury. Ten days after … (Insert Twilight Zone creepy music.)

Oh, and in Houston, the Ryan Mallett era begins. We Patriot fans will enjoy seeing this play out. It was never going to in New England. (Have you seen this pic? Mallett carrying Hoyer and Brady’s pads at practice. Hmm.)mallett

Ok, so picks! Enough rambling. Prognosticating excellence, coming right up. Here are my ‘out-of-the-bye-and-armed-with-a-contract-extension’ picks for Week 11: Dolphins over Bills, Bears over Vikings, Former Pats QB Hoyer’s Browns over Former Pats QB Mallet’s Texans, Panthers over Falcons, Saints over Bengals, Bucs over R’Skins, Broncs over Rams, Niners over Giants, Chiefs over Seahawks, Chargers over Raiders, Lions over Cards, Packers over Eagles, Pats over Colts, Steelers over Titans.

Bye Week!

Miserable last week. Need to allow some brain cells to come back from injuries … spend some extra time in the tub, you know. So no NFL picks this week for the preacher.

But I won’t leave you hanging. Here’s what the professionals think:

Merril Hoge picked the Bucs? Ha!



sidebysideWell it’s the halfway point of the season. Sort of. This bye week stuff sure does mess with math. Then again, as a Buccaneer fan, we wish that every week was a bye week!

How about my Bucs last week. They fought their way back into a game against a cream-puff opponent, won the toss in OT, and had a fumble returned for a touchdown against them on the first play from scrimmage. Like Lovie said, we’re getting better.

What’s this out of Tennessee that the Titans’ brass made newly anointed QB Zach Mettenberger get a haircut and shave before his first start? How Steinbrenner of them! But here’s the troubling part for me: they never made Charlie “Clipboard Jesus” Whitehurst tame his locks! I smell a discrimination lawsuit! See for yourself in the photo evidence–unkempt Zach on left, Clipboard Jesus on the right. (And tell me when you look at Charlie you don’t think Jesus Christ Superstar or Godspell.)

Injuries are mounting. Rosters and depth charts are in flux. But in DC, RGIII is back from injury. Colt McCoy’s 15 minutes are up. And there’s blood in the water in Atlanta. Rumor has it that Head Coach Mike Smith’s house is on the market. Vegas odds say he won’t make it to the end of the year. Good thing for him: it’s his bye week. That means he won’t lose on Sunday … and he’s got a few days off to scour the job market.

Enough chatter. I went a respectable 10-5 last week. My midseason report card will wait ’til next week. In the meantime, it’s time for my ‘Lovie-make-it-better-we-can’t-lose-to-the-Browns’ picks for Week 9: Saints over Panthers, Bengals over Jags, Browns over Bucs, Cowboys over Cards, Texans over Eagles, Chiefs over Jets, Chargers over Dolphins, Vikes over Native Americans, Niners over Rams, Pats over Peytons, Seahawks over Raiders, Ravens over Steelers, Colts over Giants.