Pigskin Pontiff?

darinbioYes, I know I got out of the gates slow. A 9-7 week one –whooda thunk it? However, upon further review, there may have been some mitigating factors to be taken into consideration. First, the Bucs and the Panthers. Derek Anderson? I mean, who saw that coming? You spend all week preparing for the great Cam Newton and they slip a 49 year old retread into the line-up? What choice did my Bucs have but to make him look like an All-Pro? Not to mention, the Bills won. The BILLS! So there are two losses you can hardly hold against me. Reverse those two and I went a respectable 11-5. See?

This week’s slate of games can’t kick off soon enough. I’m sure that’s what the Commish is thinking anyhow. “Ray Rice? Hey! Did you see the Steelers game on Thursday?”

Let’s get to this week’s action. I’m going to give you a prediction about my predictions. 10-6 this week. So here are my feeling-stronger-every-day picks for week two: Steelers over Ravens, Dolphins over Bills, Panthers over Lions, Falcons over Bengals, Saints over Browns, Patriots over Vikings, Giants over Cards, Cowboys over Titans, Native Americans over Jags, Seahawks over Chargers, Bucs over Rams (although the Rams will be starting a back-up QB, so you never know!), Broncos over Chiefs, Packers over Jets, Texans over Raiders, Niners over Bears, Colts over Eagles.

Chronicles of War

chronicles_bookAt long last, the countdown is on!

Over 50,000 downloads of audio segments on iTunes, 6 weeks atop the historical fiction eBook category and robust digital sales–and FINALLY my historical novel Chronicles of War is coming in print. It’s release date is soon to be announced.

The way in which the Chronicles story came to be is a story itself.

Having heard over and over that writers need to pick one genre and stick to it, I never imagined writing fiction. I was, after all, the Big Buts of the Bible guy–non-fiction, bible … that’s what YOU do! Still, as I love reading fiction, I’ve always wanted to try my hand.

One night, lying in bed, I mentioned that to my wife Shari. She said, “You should try it.”

For fun, I had been looking into an ancestor of mine who fought in the Civil War. I decided to try to put a page or two together of his life, story-fied. I handed it to Shari the next night, “Would you read more?” She said, “Yes.”

So … blame this on Shari.

What started as ‘practice’ soon became enjoyment for me. As I searched and researched, I was engaged. As I wrote Job Trites, I experienced him. I can honestly say that there hasn’t been a difficult day with this manuscript. It’s story, and I love a good story. I’ve been thrilled to see so many enjoy it in podcasts and eBook versions. I can’t wait to see it in print.

Thank you to all the Chronicles fans out there for sharing my enthusiasm. Tell others: It’s COMING SOON!

Are You Ready For Some Football?

darin3With the Red Sox season (mercifully) nearing its end, yes indeed, I am ready for some football! And you know what that means? It means time to put my pigskin prognosticating prowess back on display. Prepare to be awed. 

This season starts, as does every season, with all 32 teams having an equal shot at glory–at least in their fan’s dreams. As of this moment, my beloved Buccaneers have the same sixteen game path in front of them as the defending champion Seahawks. Piece of cake.

But this season presents challenges before it even starts. Just ask the professional football team located in Washington DC. Many refuse to refer to them by their nickname as it is politically incorrect. God forbid we do anything politically incorrect in the town that houses our nation’s politicos. Maybe that could be the team’s new name–the Washington Idiots! I like it. Their mascot could be … take your pick.

And if the Washington team’s name is offensive, what about others? How long before the Chiefs in Kansas City feel the heat? Even my Buccaneers–certainly there is a group of pirates out there angered and offended! From now on, perhaps, it should be the Tampa Bay Seagoing Entrepreneurs! Giants–the New York Talls? Vikings–the Minnesota Norse? Cowboys–the Dallas Ranchers (see, not gender specific).

You didn’t come here for my politics. You came for my picks. And smart you are, Cookie, for I am the pigskin prophet! (I know, it was pigskin preacher, but I’ve given myself a promotion.) Next year, potentate? Take note. Here are your hit-no-miss picks for the opening week of this NFL season: Seahawks over Packers, Saints over Falcons, Bengals over Ravens, Bears over Bills, Texans over Native Americans, Chiefs over Titans, Patriots over Dolphins, Jets over Raiders, Eagles over Jaguars, Steelers over Browns, Vikings over Rams, Cowboys over 49ers, Bucs over Panthers, Broncos over Colts, Lions over Giants, Chargers over Cardinals. 

Write a Review, Get a Free Gift!

reviewDo you see those three book covers in the lefthand column? Got Big Buts? How about Chronicles? I. Am. Ghost.?

Now through Labor Day I’m asking for your help–and offering a gift for your time! Read that? FREE!

Reviews are an important part of getting the word out about my titles. If you have read any of my books and would be willing to invest a few minutes in writing a brief review for me, I will send you a free eBook copy of another of my titles.

So, you’ve read Big Buts–write a review and I’ll send you a copy of Chronicles or I. Am. Ghost. absolutely free, in whatever digital format you prefer!

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