Chronicles of War

chronicles_bookAt long last, the countdown is on!

Over 50,000 downloads of audio segments on iTunes, 6 weeks atop the historical fiction eBook category and robust digital sales–and FINALLY my historical novel Chronicles of War is coming in print. It’s release date is soon to be announced.

The way in which the Chronicles story came to be is a story itself.

Having heard over and over that writers need to pick one genre and stick to it, I never imagined writing fiction. I was, after all, the Big Buts of the Bible guy–non-fiction, bible … that’s what YOU do! Still, as I love reading fiction, I’ve always wanted to try my hand.

One night, lying in bed, I mentioned that to my wife Shari. She said, “You should try it.”

For fun, I had been looking into an ancestor of mine who fought in the Civil War. I decided to try to put a page or two together of his life, story-fied. I handed it to Shari the next night, “Would you read more?” She said, “Yes.”

So … blame this on Shari.

What started as ‘practice’ soon became enjoyment for me. As I searched and researched, I was engaged. As I wrote Job Trites, I experienced him. I can honestly say that there hasn’t been a difficult day with this manuscript. It’s story, and I love a good story. I’ve been thrilled to see so many enjoy it in podcasts and eBook versions. I can’t wait to see it in print.

Thank you to all the Chronicles fans out there for sharing my enthusiasm. Tell others: It’s COMING SOON!

Write a Review, Get a Free Gift!

reviewDo you see those three book covers in the lefthand column? Got Big Buts? How about Chronicles? I. Am. Ghost.?

Now through Labor Day I’m asking for your help–and offering a gift for your time! Read that? FREE!

Reviews are an important part of getting the word out about my titles. If you have read any of my books and would be willing to invest a few minutes in writing a brief review for me, I will send you a free eBook copy of another of my titles.

So, you’ve read Big Buts–write a review and I’ll send you a copy of Chronicles or I. Am. Ghost. absolutely free, in whatever digital format you prefer!

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Ready? Set? GO!

Time Flies?

Dad_1In one sense it does–I’m amazed 31 years have passed. It seems like just yesterday that I received the call. But then there’s another experience of time–I’ve lived quite a bit of my life without him, so much of what is important to me I missed out on sharing with him.

Then there’s the realization that he loomed so large during the 16 years that I did have with him, I can still hear his voice, see his smile (and his scowl) and recall so many stories that you’d think he had never left.

I guess in that way, he’s been with me all along.

Never more so than at family gatherings. “Do you remember the time when Dad …”

I do. Like it was yesterday!