Ghost Dance

The Ghost Dance was a religious phenomenon that swept through Indian tribes across the American West in the late 1800s. It touched off what historians have deemed the “Messiah Craze” and led to Pine Ridge Agent Daniel F. Royer’s frantic plea for government troops to bring an abrupt end to the Indian practice–which ultimately became the Wounded Knee Massacre.

That’s the part of the story you’ve heard. There’s so much more.

I’ve been reading and researching this segment of history for quite some time. It’s led me to the storyboard. The result is a work of historical fiction that spills across time into a present-day thriller.

I’ve had a novel idea (pun intended). I think that I will storyboard this creation right here on my website, before your very eyes. Stay tuned as I roll out historical quotes and tidbits that form the basis of my new story Ghost Dance.