Joseph Allen Wilson

Meet Joe.  Joseph Allen Wilson is a seventh generation descendant of Jack Wilson, otherwise known as Wovoka (b. 1856, d. 1932).  He is a successful business owner (an import/export business), and proud of his Paiute roots, participating in heritage events and employing and serving his people in Nevada.  Joseph is in his fifties, married but somewhat estranged from his family.  For the last couple of years he’s been having strange dreams and visions and his family is losing patience with his efforts to understand their meaning and embrace his destiny—right down to growing his hair out.  His wife and kids think he’s losing it.  He’s wondering if they’re right.  Maybe he is. 

He’s read research articles published by a woman named Arianna Poole concerning the Ghost Dance.  He’s reached out to her in hopes that she can help him sort out his confusion.

Joseph’s father and grandfather passed to him the story of the seven-generations war and alerted him to his place in fulfilling the prophecy.  He was skeptical—’the fanciful tales of old men,’ he thought.  He put it all out of his mind for many years.  Of late, these dreams and visions have seemed to recall parts of their stories, and he’s had meetings in these dreams and visions with the dead, come back to life.  They’ve told him to reassemble the Ghost Dance principals in his—the seventh—generation, for it is time for the prophecy to be fulfilled.

White historians have written of Wovoka and the Ghost Dance.  They didn’t have a clue. 

Ghost Dance brings together the genres of Historical Native American Fiction & Religious Thriller.  It’s a work of historical fiction that spills across time–and into your life.   (Coming: Spring/Summer 2012)