Where Real Life Meets Fiction

A taste of the Parson to Person story:

“Good morning Brian. The usual?”
“Hey Robin! No, I’m feeling adventurous today. Let me try Tre’s Mexican Omelet.”

The first thing that crossed my mind was that Robin thought of me as a regular, with a usual. I guess I am a regular. But I don’t think of myself as usual.

When I get together with my peers in town they converse about winning souls through altar calls and evangelistic outreaches, my mind drifts to Robin, and Tre’, the cook back in the kitchen. I find myself thinking about Jesse and Jessi the couple who live down the street (and I smile that their names are the same). My wife Sarah’s friends at the Center come to mind. I think not about programs and services that proclaim the good news, but the many relationships and acquaintances that God has blessed us with, and how I care about them all.

I thought about Jack, the Pastor at Abundant Life. Jack shares with us every week, it seems, a new strategy to get people to come to church. Once it was a huge mailing campaign. Every so often there was ‘Bring A Friend Sunday’. Last week he brought us information on a company that produces television and radio ads. None of it ever seems to bring the results promised, though. Jack keeps showing up with something else. It crossed my mind that though I was a regular with a usual, and though Robin and Tre’ knew I was the Pastor of a local church, that I had never asked either of them to visit. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, it just hadn’t occurred to me.

“Here you are, darling.” As the plate hit the table, she refilled my coffee.
“Thanks Robin. It looks great. Do you suppose you could grab me a small O.J.?”

I took a moment to thank the Lord for this meal and to prayerfully think thru the tasks of the day. When I looked up Robin was standing there with my juice, waiting so as not to interrupt my silent prayer.

She set down my juice and began, “Can I ask you something?” She continued, “Would you pray for me? I am going to the doctor after work today. It’s just a routine test I get because of some family history… but I am really scared this time.”