Interactive Sermon 2005-2012

Image“Thousands of posts and more than a quarter-of-a-million site visitors and then he up and stopped!” That’s what they’ll say of my six and half years of interacting via Interactive Sermon. I’ve ended my blogging life.

Sort of. I’ve moved it to a micro-blogging and web-presence life.

Blogging was the new medium when I started. For a preacher and for a writer it was a vital outlet for… words. We use those. A lot. And a blog was a place where I could put words and have others see, read and interact with them.

At this point in my journey the micro-blogging venues are more appealing, more effective, and more efficient. So this is my life sans the blog. And it feels pretty good. Sure, there’s that ‘walked out of the house and realized you forgot to put on your pants’ sort of feeling. This was, after all, the first morning in 2372 days that I haven’t awakened thinking about a potential blog post. It will take some getting used to.

I’ll not make the site disappear for a while. And with all those posts, I’ll keep an archive here. Who knows what will become of it.

But welcome to my website. This is where I reside as a writer–online home to my fiction and non-fiction, abstract thoughts and other whatchamacallit. Oh, and please take this opportunity to follow me on Twitter and friend me on Facebook. There I pontificate in 140 characters. Don’t you wish my Sunday sermons were as short and to the point?