Chronicles of War

smallcoverBuy it TODAY!

My historical novel Chronicles of War is finally available! Those who have enjoyed the podcasts through iTunes and have been emailing for years–it’s finally out there, the whole story–complete. Starting today you can order it as an eBook through Smashwords. It will be available through all other book sellers by Thanksgiving.

Here’s more news: It’s only going to cost $.99 a copy. So order yourself one, and then order a few more as gifts for people on your holiday list.

As with everything I write–I need and count on your help to get the word out there. Please pass the link on to family and friends, post about it on Facebook and tweet it across the Twit-o-sphere. And then, by all means, after you’ve given it a read, please write me a review at any of the many sites where it is sold. I so very much appreciate YOU, my loyal readers and friends. THANK YOU.