Deep In The Drawer


Sometimes as a writer you tire of a story that you’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into. Here’s a piece of sound advice: toss it in a drawer. Chances are that if you set it aside for a season (maybe several seasons), when you pick it back up it’s original charm will capture you again.

In 2005 I began a series of fiction blog posts called Parson to Person. In 2008 I decided to work those posts into a full length story. I worked on it for a year. I got to where I really couldn’t stand it. I didn’t like the characters. I didn’t like the storyline. I didn’t like the tone or the voice. I was tempted to hit ‘delete’ on the whole thing. Thankfully, instead, I tossed it deep in the drawer.

This past weekend I pulled the manuscript out and dusted it off. The characters were like old friends. I realized that I’d missed them these last four or so years. The storyline reengaged me. Passionate feelings returned–there was a reason I wrote this, and the reason was again (perhaps anew) relevant.

Writers write. Sometimes the writing takes place over a long period of time. Like a fermenting process, perhaps. Some stories seems to grow better with time. Make space in a drawer. Plan to make use of it as needed.


3 thoughts on “Deep In The Drawer

  1. These were words I needed to read this morning as I say down to edit my manuscript. I had tucked it away for the past month or so, and getting into it again really was like catching up with old friends! Thanks for editing nudge and encouragement.

  2. Wish I could say it was an original thought of mine. Several great writers have shared their discovery of ‘the drawer’ and I think when something works … pass it on. Can’t wait to read your finished work, Ky.

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