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cropped-blogjpg4A writing friend just launched her web presence a short time ago, but already it’s become a favorite read of mine. I subscribed to the site’s feed. If you’re the wannabe writing type like me, I recommend you visit Ky’s site. You can check it out: Adventures in Writing.

While I’m tooting the horn, here, let me suggest to you that the writing journey is really best experienced as a shared journey. Ky shares some of the things that inspire and work for her creative life. I try to do the same here. Others, on their sites. It’s all good thought provocation. It all helps grease the wheels. As a writer, I’d recommend you make time to follow and engage with others of our species.

You may recall that one of my resolutions this year was to become more intentional about encouraging other writers. I’ve been keeping after that. As I have, here’s a cool thing: I’ve experienced much more encouragement coming back my way. That’s another plus of sharing this road. A pat on the back every now and again is priceless!

Go check out my friend Ky’s writing life. Then, if you haven’t already, start a site or a blog or a Tumblr or something, and share your creative life too. See you up the road!

Already doing this? Whose writing sites would you recommend?


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  1. Aww, thanks for the kind words Darin! Just when I was feeling in a writing malaise, like I had nothing good to write about, I read your blog post. It’s so true about having writing friends – it makes the journey so much more enjoyable. Not to mention that the end product, with the input of others, turns out better!

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