Encouragement via Tweets

It is a great encouragement to have Twitter exchanges like this:


Have you ordered your copy of Big Buts of the Bible: A Revealing Look at Jesus Christ?

And while I’m on the topic of Twitter, have you followed @Big_Buts yet? Twice daily thought-provoking verses from the Bible … each containing a big but! Here’s another of those encouraging tweets:


It is such a privilege to share this journey with so many brothers and sisters around the globe! I am truly blessed! Won’t you come along?


2 thoughts on “Encouragement via Tweets

  1. Greetings Carolyn! And you’ve always been an encouragement to me. I’m so glad to see your writing gaining an audience. Blessings to you! (Oh, and it’s buts with one T … not quite sure what you’d find following the two T version!)

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