Pigskin Pontiff?

darinbioYes, I know I got out of the gates slow. A 9-7 week one –whooda thunk it? However, upon further review, there may have been some mitigating factors to be taken into consideration. First, the Bucs and the Panthers. Derek Anderson? I mean, who saw that coming? You spend all week preparing for the great Cam Newton and they slip a 49 year old retread into the line-up? What choice did my Bucs have but to make him look like an All-Pro? Not to mention, the Bills won. The BILLS! So there are two losses you can hardly hold against me. Reverse those two and I went a respectable 11-5. See?

This week’s slate of games can’t kick off soon enough. I’m sure that’s what the Commish is thinking anyhow. “Ray Rice? Hey! Did you see the Steelers game on Thursday?”

Let’s get to this week’s action. I’m going to give you a prediction about my predictions. 10-6 this week. So here are my feeling-stronger-every-day picks for week two: Steelers over Ravens, Dolphins over Bills, Panthers over Lions, Falcons over Bengals, Saints over Browns, Patriots over Vikings, Giants over Cards, Cowboys over Titans, Native Americans over Jags, Seahawks over Chargers, Bucs over Rams (although the Rams will be starting a back-up QB, so you never know!), Broncos over Chiefs, Packers over Jets, Texans over Raiders, Niners over Bears, Colts over Eagles.