Good News Bucs Fans

It’s our bye week! A merciful God has intervened and we will not lose this weekend!

A rather pedestrian 9-5-1 last week, I’m a little disappointed. I know the percentage is respectable, but still, I should have seen the Eagles/Giants and the Ravens/Bucs outcomes. I went with my heart, not common sense. This week, I’ll pick it up.

The Pats have the J.E.T.S. tonight on Thursday Night Football. Tom Brady has never lost on Thursday. And it’s the Jests.

No time to waste. The Thursday kickoff is only moments away. So here are my hurry-up-and-tell-us-already picks for Week Seven: Pats over Jests, Ravens over Falcons, Vikings over Bills, Bears over Dolphins, Saints over Lions, Packers over Panthers (unless they tie, eh?), Colts over Bengals, Browns over Jags, Seahawks over Rams, Native Americans over Titans, Chargers over Chiefs, Cowboys over Giants, Cards over Raiders, Broncos over Niners, Texans over Steelers. And, just because I love saying it–My Bucs WON’T lose this weekend!