A Week Off & We Gained Ground

loveyBucs fans have cause to celebrate. Our bye week not only saved us from losing, it actually helped us gain some ground, as all of our divisional rivals fell. We may back into the race! Oh wait, they only give us one bye week. Rats!

Good news is that Head Coach Lovie Smith (why do I always think of “Lovey” Howell from Gilligan’s Island whenever I hear his name) assures, “We’re going to get better.” Do you suppose he means get better in terms of winning–or better in that we won’t be losing by forty points week in and week out?

In Tennessee, Clipboard Jesus (Charlie Whitehurst) can go back to holding the clipboard on the sideline. The Zach Mettenberger era has begun. I know … can’t wait to tune in a Titanics game!

Peyton Manning broke Brett Favre’s touchdown record. Congrats. The ever-gracious Favre has this to say, “I don’t really care.” Class ass … uh, act.

And the Seahawks traded Percy Harvin to the Jets for … a dozen kicking tees. What’s up with that? Somebody wasn’t playing nice. Mark my words.

So much more to ruminate over, but you pay the big bucks for me to wow you with wins. So here you go, my ‘can-Peyton-get-to-600-before-Thanksgiving’ picks for Week 8: Broncos over Chargers, Falcons over Lions, Seahawks over Panthers, Bengals over Ravens, Dolphins over Jags, Chiefs over Rams, Pats over Bears, Bills over Jets, Bucs over Vikes, Texans over Titanics, Cards over Eagles, Browns over Raiders, Colts over Steelers, Pack over Saints, Cowboys over Native Americans.