Back in the Saddle!

There’s a hole in my NFL season. I’ll chock it up to the four days we had without power–robbed us of Thanksgiving as well. But in a way I’m relieved I didn’t get my picks filed for last week, because I’d have had a woeful slate. Lots of games I’d have been inclined to pick the loser. Just being honest.

But here we are, in the homestretch. The playoff picture is shaping up. So I’d better sharpen my prognosticating pencil!

Let’s see … news? Jay Gruden is rumored to be done with RGIII. Really? Well the Redskins are rumored to be done with Jay Gruden. Who do you think goes first? Ray Rice has had his indefinite suspension overturned. Yeah, and who do you think will sign him to a contract? I’m betting on the Arena Football team owned by … KISS! There’s QB drama in Cleveland. Johnny Football got a whiff of a game last week. Back to the pine this Sunday. But it won’t be long. One more bad start for Hoyer and the Manziel experience will dawn. Mark my words.

And mark my words on this, too. A winning slate right here! Here are my comeback-prognosticator-of-the-year picks for this week: Cowboys over Bears, Steelers over Bengals, Colts over Browns, Lions over Bucs, Texans over Jags, Dolphins over Ravens, Vikings over Jets, Saints over Panthers, Titans over Giants, Rams over Redskins, Cards over Chiefs, Broncos over Bills, Niners over Raiders, Eagles over Seahawks, Pats over Chargers, Packers over Falcons.