That’s A Wrap!

One more slate of picks and this regular season comes to an end! Of course, for some fans, our teams quit playing weeks ago. Now comes the fun part–playoffs and coaches getting fired!

So who wins the drag race to fire their coach first? New York Jets? I’d say they’re odds on favorites. Although it does sound like the Niners want to see Harbaugh out of the building pretty fast–and for what? Those fools! Maybe they’ll hire … Rex.

My Bucs can actually get a win for me today, by losing! We lose, we pick Marcus Mariota with the number one pick. We win today … and Bucs’ fans will consider it the worst loss of the season! So, do us right Lovie! LOSE!

Here are my ‘laugh-this-one-into-the-books’ picks for Week 17: Ravens over Browns, Texans over Jags, Chargers over Chiefs, Dolphins over Jets, Vikings over Bears, Pats over Bills, Eagles over Giants, Saints over Bucs (Puulllleeeeese!), Colts over Titans, Cowboys over Native Americans, Falcons over Panthers, Broncos over Raiders, Pack over Lions, Seahawks over Rams, Niners over Cards, Steelers over Bengals.