Jesus loves me, this I know...

Hindsight 2020

What appears to us at first useless or injurious, contributes in the end to our felicity. And often when we believe God ceases to act for us, it is then that He is forming plans which are hidden from us; and which in being developed, work our deliverance from this or that adversity; and procure us such blessings as we could not have dared to hope for.

–Christopher Christian Sturm, Sturm’s Reflections on the Works of God, 1834

I read this passage for the first time on January 11, 2014. I read it that day and it inspired hope; Lord, may this be true of the difficult season I am going through?

I’ve returned to re-read this same passage every January 11th since. Six years on, I say without a doubt: It’s true! Marvelously true! I recognize it more clearly every year, looking back. God is so good! And I am grateful!