All the stuff what I like.


I am studying Psalm 27, reading Spurgeon's commentary with my WhatDaFunk playlist rockin’ in the background—James Brown at the moment.   He’s singing ‘Shake your moneymaker.’ I realize I’m bobbing my head to the beat. Shaking my head. My moneymaker. I mean, it’s not making me much money, but have you seen my ass? That… Continue reading Irony

All the stuff what I like.


I arrived at that point, the time when you realize life is too short to sleep any longer on a lousy mattress. I'll spare you our history of mattresses, other than to tell you we began our marriage thirty-plus years ago with a top-of-the-line, full-motion waterbed from WaterBed City! Bon voyage, newlyweds!  Arrival at that point… Continue reading Purple

I'm so happy to be here!

Scared Shitless

Most people don’t remember their own potty-training experience. I remember mine. A traumatic encounter with a toilet is among my earliest recollections. I was two or three, and yes, I remember the incident in stunning, graphic clarity. No exaggeration—it scared me shitless. A little boy’s right of passage, I was finally tall enough to stand… Continue reading Scared Shitless