About Darin Michael Shaw the Freelance Writer:darin

After 21 years of pastoral ministry, Darin traded in the pulpit for the page. While he always counted it a privilege to speak to a couple hundred people on Sunday mornings, he is now honored to have hundreds of thousands read words he’s written every day. Darin writes copy for several of the most well known and respected ministers, ministries, non-profits and humanitarian organizations in the world today. Books he’s ghosted or worked on collaboratively with clients have become best-sellers.

About Darin Michael Shaw the Author:

Darin Michael Shaw is the author of Big Buts of the Bible: A Revealing Look at Jesus Christ, and is the world’s foremost expert on the conjunction but. He has written a bunch of blurbs, once maintained a huge blog, and spoke to gatherings of (mostly) wonderful folks every Sunday morning for twenty-one years. His proudest accomplishments to date are that he married far above his head and managed to produce four wonderful daughters, with his wife Shari. Darin lives in New Hampshire with his wife, daughters, and the world’s most grammar-savvy Cocker Spaniel, Mali-Boo.

Darin is also the author of Chronicles of War, a work of historical fiction that continues to wow the podcast world via iTunes, is available as a best-selling eBook, and is now available in print everywhere fine books are sold!

Darin’s best-selling eBook title I Am Ghost: How to Make a Living as a Ghostwriter is a handbook for anyone desiring to launch a freelance literary career, especially if they’re interested in the fascinating and lucrative world of ghostwriting. In producing this title, Darin consulted some of the world’s most famous ghosts–Casper, Beetlejuice, and Slimer among others. It’s a can’t miss.