On the professional side~

After 21 years of pastoral ministry, Darin traded the pulpit for the page. IMG_2508

While he always counted it a privilege to speak to a couple hundred people on Sunday mornings, he is now honored to have hundreds of thousands read words he’s written every day.

Darin writes copy for several of the most well known and respected ministers, ministries, non-profits and humanitarian organizations in the world today. Books he’s ghosted or worked on collaboratively with his clients have become best-sellers.

On the personal side~

Writers write. Storytellers tell stories. You’ll always find Darin with his laptop, tablet or a pad of paper and pen in hand. If he’s looking at you … you may have just become a character in his next story.

Darin and Shari and their four adult daughters all call New England home for now. But there is a beach down south calling …