It’s Called SOCIAL Media

Social-mediaI’ve got a pet-peeve. I’m not alone. In fact, if you spend any time on social media I know this irritates you, too. I’m talking about those people who use social media for nothing more than promoting their business or product. They’ve seized the media part of social media. Hourly (or more) posts about their wares or ventures fill your feed.

Come to my pampered chef party … Only three spots left … Yes! Now we’re down to two … Hurry! Last chance … Demand is so high, we’re having a second party … Better get in on this one! … Want to pamper the chef in your life? … Pampered! … Chef! … Give me a ‘P’ … Give me an ‘A’ … 

And that’s all before noon. Be honest. You’ve grown weary of people for this reason. You’ve hidden people from your feeds for this reason.

Here’s a solid piece of advice for my writing friends who have a book or a book tour to promote: Embrace SOCIAL Media. Don’t be lured into the trap of seizing the media opportunity to pepper all your friends with your promotional materials. Instead, invest in the SOCIAL side of social media. Engage in dialogue. Comment. Reply. Like. Follow. And do so genuinely. Because it’s YOU your friends and followers want to connect with, not your sales campaign. Then, because they’ve found a real connection with you, your latest book or happening will be of interest to them. They might actually follow that link, or read that post, rather than blindly dismissing it.

In his book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, Michael Hyatt shares his social media strategy using the equation 20 to 1. That’s twenty useful or meaningful interactive posts or tweets to every single push of a product or call to action. He’s posting things of value and connecting with friends and followers in meaningful ways, not simply leveraging his reach into their lives for his own benefit. (That’s a great book, by the way. Highly recommend it.)

Some people ask me ‘How do you make time for the social stuff?’ My reply is to ask, ‘How is it that you don’t?’ When you litter the tweet-o-sphere with your promo–do you expect people will spend their valuable time following your link? Give Michael Hyatt’s 20-1 strategy a try for a few weeks. You’ll see a difference–not only in people’s response, but also in your own appreciation for your friends, followers, audience and your niche.

Do you have any social media strategies to share? Other social media pitfalls to avoid? Social media tools that help you do what you do more effectively?

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