I. Am. Ghost.

ghostOne day I was a preacher. The next, I was a ghost.

That could be the start of a pretty good tale. I guess, in one sense, it is. It’s my story. Or at least the start of a new chapter in my story. What will people think when I start to change all my online profiles, changing my career listing from Preacher to Ghost?

Dictionaries define ghost as an apparition, a disembodied spirit, something remarkable or startling. Yep, that about sums me up.

Of course, I’m not talking ghost in a paranormal sense, but in a literary sense. I. Am. Ghost.

You read my work. But you don’t know that it’s mine. And I like that. You ask me “Who have you written for?” I don’t tell. And I like that, too.

My method is simple. I view the authors I represent as characters in a novel. I observe. I draw up a character sketch. I build a continuity file. I intersect with them at a particular point of their story arch. And as I write, they speak. The best compliment I receive is when someone says, “I heard the author’s voice so clearly!” Yes you did! I know, because I spent months living inside of them, to capture every nuance of their passion, voice, tone and style. I’m now more the literary them than they are. Gotcha!

The reality that I’m out here should make you wonder with every book you read: Did the person named on the front cover, whose picture is on the back, whose bio is listed in the flap really write this? I’ll never tell.

I. Am. Ghost.

2 thoughts on “I. Am. Ghost.”

  1. An intriguing post, I’ll definitely be wondering when I look at a autobiography if you had a hand in writing it. I wish you the best of luck in this next phase of your career!

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