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Five Minute Memoir quip #214

I’m quite certain I could never work for a living. I look back upon 21 years of pastoral ministry and realize I was simply living out and sharing my faith-journey with others. Sermons, visitation, teaching, care—those were just things I loved to do. It wasn’t a job. I got paid to be me. Same thing with these last five years of writing. Putting words on a page is my greatest passion in life. The fact that people pay me to do what I love to do, amazes me every day I rise … and get to do it again. Those folks who hold down a 9-to-5, commute through traffic jams to an office in the city, hustle to meet a schedule, collect a wage or earn a salary, God bless you. I have all the respect in the world for you. I couldn’t do it. It’s the literary life for me.