Apple and My Writing Life

The noted German pastor and theologian Helmut Thielicke once told his students, “Sell all [the books] that you have … and buy Spurgeon.” Great advice!

Certain things are essential to my writing life. My Apple products, are chief among them.


You, there! Want to be a writer? Sell all you have … and buy a Mac.

(The joke of course being you pretty much have to sell all you own to buy Mac. Yikes. It’s true!)

I’ve written on my love for my MacBook Air before. From my discovery of this fine machine (h.t. Michael Hyatt) to my eventual replacement of it–another of the same model, but like the Six Million Dollar Man, better, stronger and faster … the love continues!

Mac the First, first day of retirement 4/14/17
Mac the First, first day of retirement 4/14/17

Along the way, I picked up an iPad Air. I’ve gotten to where it’s my travel companion. Reading, writing, corresponding. Boom! That quick, easy and portable. Got a cool keyboard for it. It’s my mini-Mac.

For you professional writers, all my accounting, billing, communication and client files are accessible to me across all my devices.

I’ve been an iPhone user since the very first one came out. Haters gonna hate. I hear you Samsung folks out there. Glad you’re happy. But me? I’m giddy-happy! All my Apple devices are synced up, and screaming along. My content. Everywhere. All the time.

By the way, upgraded to an iPhone 8-plus yesterday. Loving this phone even more than the 6S it replaced. I’ll be good for a while. You know, until … better, stronger, faster.

Okay, so I suppose I’ll put down my Apple flavored kool-aid and suggest, yes, your choice of devices can be yours. Choose your manufacturer. Just make sure yours works best for you

And give thanks–like me–because when it works for you, you’re a happy writer! I’m living proof.

1 thought on “Apple and My Writing Life”

  1. Nah.

    Don’t let Android/Windows people into your life. You don’t need that kind of negativity!<em? I'm joking, people! Joking!

    Just got a new MacBook Pro myself, and I love it. After 9 years, my other one finally bit the dust.

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