Jesus loves me, this I know...

Systematic Theology

More than 35 years of following Jesus, undergraduate and graduate degrees in Bible and Theology, 21 years as a pastor … and the two most important truths I’ve ever learned are (1) Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so (thanks to Brother Book’s All American Christian Day School’s 4-year-old preschool program), and (2) God is bigger than the boogie-man (via VeggieTales). Pretty much everything else takes care of itself when you stand on these two truths.

Those of you who are hot, take off your clothes and give them to those who are cold.

Observation #52

I’m at Panera. Lots of old folks, this time of day.

Have you ever noticed how many old folks wear New Balance sneakers? Look around. You’ll see what I mean.

I wonder if the fact that the brand has the word balance in it—you know, does that speak subliminally to old folks? Balance IS a big concern. They’re at the store, looking at sneakers. A swoosh? Oh, hell no! That shoe with the cougar or whatever? Some blush. But that word BALANCE calls out again. Sold!

No kidding. I’m looking around Panera—New Balance, New Balance, another, another. Oh, wait!

Skechers! You do see Skechers on a lot of old folks. I’ll give that a solid second place nod—if the old folks aren’t in New Balance, they’re in Skechers.

What do you suppose it is about that brandname? Is it like rebellious youth as it … matures? You SKECHER, you! Not creeper, mind you. Creeper drives the ice cream truck. And everybody knows, creepers wear topsiders.

The ones who wear Crocs? Those poor souls.

Walked in the house and kicked off my shoes; toe tossed them into my shoe pile. Right next to my … walking sneakers. And my … casual shoes. Damned if I … Skechers. New Balance. Topsiders.

I DO NOT OWN CROCS. Just want to be clear.