The Write Tools: Gift Edition

photoPreviously, I’ve endeavored to share some of the writing tools that I’ve found useful. This week I thought I’d give it a twist, and suggest some gift ideas the writer in your life might enjoy. And while I’m at it, were you looking for a gift idea for THIS writer … uh …

I suppose I could start with those tools I’ve already reviewed: hardware, software, references & resources, and accouterments. Methinks any of these items would be thoughtful to give a writer on your list. But wait! There’s more! Here’s a list of seven suggestions you might consider.

1) A Coffee Subscription ~ Several great services to choose from if you search it out. I would suggest Storyville as the company has a creative artistic soul feel about it. Nothing inspires like java.

2) A Houseplant ~ No, I’m not kidding. Plants = oxygen. Oxygen = a good thing. But make a durable choice. If the writer in your life kills said plant … well that would be a downer.

3) A Corkboard ~ Nothing says you believe in your writer more than giving a tool that helps organize and mold the creative strands of his or her story. Stick it to ’em.

4) Noise-Cancelling Headphones ~ Help them tune the world out, and inspiration in.

5) Supplies ~ The usual suspects: notebooks, pens, pencils, post-it notes, journals, notecards and etc. It sounds ridiculous, but we writers use these things up! And we appreciate having them around.

6) Snacks ~ Anything from a candy dish to healthy snacks–when we write it’s great to have something at hand to pop in your mouth. As I type this, there is a dish of Sweetarts to my right. Love the blue ones.

7) A Quill Pen ~ What? I know. No one uses them anymore. But still, they’re cool. And nothing says writer quite like the old standard. Whether they use it to journal or simply as desk decor, they’ll love it.

Are you a writer? What would be a great gift idea for you? Do you have a writer in your life? Share your hits and misses with us?

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