A Writer’s Resolutions

resI’ve never been big on New Year’s Resolutions. But there is something invigorating about a threshold and a fresh start. Sky’s the limit. So as I say look into 2014 I’ve sketched myself some aims–and I’m pretty excited to pursue them. Here’s my list. Perhaps, my writing friends, some of them will resonate with you.

1) I resolve to make time for writing. How’s that old saying go? Writers write! Yes they do. And yes I will. I intend to be more disciplined in 2014 about getting my B.I.C. and W.O.P. with set aside time in my schedule. I will set and maintain daily, weekly, monthly and project writing goals.

2) I resolve to make more time for reading. The truth be told, setting aside time to read each day has been a very healthy thing for me. When I read, I am happier and more thought productive. So in the coming year I shall make it a higher priority.

3) I resolve to be more intentional about encouraging other writers. I recognize how much it means to me when other writers serve up encouragement and assistance. I aim to give back. More reviews. More social media kudos. More words of encouragement. More resources to share.

4) I resolve to meet the deadlines. Whether project/job imposed or self-imposed, I tend to do well when there is a deadline calling. So this year I’ll take note of when it’s due, and work to be on time.

5) I resolve to call myself a writer. This may seem silly, but for twenty-one years my identity (after being a husband and father, of course) has been pastor. Now’s the time. Writer. It has a wonderful ring to it, methinks.

How about you? Are you a resolution type? Not so much? What resolutions would you suggest for writers?

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